October 03, 2017

Metropolitan Dress Pattern

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When I first saw the cold shoulder style, I wasn't really a fan, but since then, it's started to grow on me. When the Metropolitan Dress from Lil Luxe Collection went on sale, I grabbed it. This is actually my second version. You can see the other version over on Instagram.

Both times I did the lined option rather than the bias tape option for the sleeve cutouts. On this version, I used the same fabric for both the lining and the main dress, which made it rather confusing. If you do go that route, I'd recommend marking your lining in some way so that you can tell which is which.

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September 02, 2017

Marieke Pattern

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I found this pattern a little while ago, and I couldn't resist buying it. It's got lots of options. You can make a dress or a romper, with different lengths for sleeves and the bottom. It's originally written in French, and there are some places where it looks like sewing terms don't translate to English very well, but I was able to figure it out with help from the pictures in the tutorial. This is my second version. I made a long sleeve with shorts version too, which you can see on Instagram.

I made this version for the Project Run and Play Inspired by Art Gallery challenge. I love Art Gallery fabric, but I didn't have enough on hand to make this romper. I chose this print because Art Gallery has lots of beautiful florals, and also, the flowers on this fabric look kind of like watercolor, so, boom, inspired by Art Gallery fabric and also, art galleries. Too much of a stretch?

I really like the ruffle down the front placket. It was not a part of my original plan, but luckily I had enough fabric to make it work.

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June 23, 2017

Adventure Awaits Outfit

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I've been making a lot of these shorties and tank top outfits for my youngest daughter. They go together really quickly, and they're perfect for our hot weather.

May 03, 2017

Faux Watercolor Temples

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I shared these faux watercolor temples on instagram, but wanted to share how I made them.

You could use the same technique to make other faux watercolor art if you'd like. You can also find similar items (but they're actual watercolor) on Etsy.

First, grab some stencils. I found most of mine here. You can also purchase some from the Silhouette design store if you want temples that aren't available on that site.

You'll also need some watercolor flowers to pretty your pictures up a bit. Mine came from two free sets from Fox and Hazel.

I started a new blank document in Photoshop elements and made it a square, the size of the windows in my frame. Then just add the flower and the temple clip art where you want them. I used some free watercolor brushes to paint over the top of the temple to give it a watercolor effect. This tutorial might be helpful.

Then I printed them out, wrestled them into the frame (I had to pry the back off, because it was meant to display the artwork that came in the frame), and hung them on my wall.

The frames came from Ikea. They were only $10 each.

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May 01, 2017

Summer Sewing for Girls

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I've been doing some summer sewing for my girls and I've shared them on Instagram as I went, but here they all are in one place.

This first one is my favorite. It's a new pattern from a new designer, called the Polly Pinafore. It is seriously the cutest thing! It's great for year round because you can add a shirt and tights for cooler weather. There were a couple of slightly confusing parts to the directions for me, but I figured it out and it made a perfect fitting summer dress.

This one is the Lainey Dress by Violette Field Threads. I've posted about their patterns before, and this one gets a similar reaction to me. While I love their designs, I'm not the biggest fan of their construction and drafting. Also, I find that the sizing isn't consistent. I made a size 2T for this one and for the Rosemary Pinafore (the next picture down in this post), and while the Rosemary Pinafore fits perfectly, this Lainey Dress is quite big, and I'm just going to save it for next year.

This is the Rosemary Pinafore pared with a Simplicity Pattern (1449), with a fuller skirt. I saw the bunny fabric for the dress at JoAnns and knew it had to be an Easter dress. I've been wanting to make the Rosemary Pinafore and thought that it would pair well with the style of the dress, plus I love something a little vintage looking for Easter. 

I had some extra fabric, so I made a bonnet using the free bonnet pattern from Purl Bee. I added the ears, and omitted the brim. I also used bias tape to finish the edges, rather than sewing the lining to the main fabric.

This is another set made with patterns from Violette Field Threads. I had the same problem here-the 2T turned out way too big for my daughter, so they'll be used for next year. The patterns are the Daphne Knickers and the Maise Top. 

This top is Butterick 5877 and the skirt is the spin skirt pattern from Elegance and Elephants. It was given to me years ago when I helped test it, but I haven't made it again until now. 

This is another version of the spin skirt. I used the same measurements, but it turned out a little bigger. I'm not sure if it's because I stretched the elastic more when sewing it in or if I just accidentally cut the elastic longer. 

This is a romper made from Simplicity 1600 with added ruffles on the straps. I have had a hard time getting the fit just right with this pattern. It runs so much bigger than you'd expect. The 18 month size (as big as it goes) is big on my two and a half year old (although she is pretty small). I also made some glitter bows with glitter fabric from Hobby Lobby.

This top was a quick impromptu sew one morning. It's the Recess Raglan from See Kate Sew using an old maternity tee that I still had.

This is also the recess raglan, but with fabric from all over. The body was a tank top that I upcycled, the sleeves were made out of scraps of the fabric Art Gallery sent me for the Blithe Blog Tour, and the neckband is some ribbed knit I had on hand.

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